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4 healthy food ingredients to which you should pay attention!

Meet some of the food ingredients used in more balanced diets and improve their quality of life!


The human body acts as a machine. If properly care, the chances for it to work properly are very large, which helps to prolong the lives of people. Thus, all the nutrients of food ingredients we eat during the day, They are sent directly to our body, causing both benefits and harms.


The nutrients found in the intake of food ingredients are mainly responsible for the functioning of the human body and act more efficiently in areas such as the heart, the brain, the skin, the hair, the liver and kidneys also.


The Tovani Benzaquen prepared a basic shopping list with some of the most beneficial food ingredients to human health. Check out some of them and start a change in your food:


oat bran: Oats contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins that help in proper functioning of the heart and intestinal tract. Besides that, oat bran helps reduce the risk of cholesterol and blood sugar, protecting the body against the formation of clots and other detriments.


Bitter chocolate: Good for the heart, the dark chocolate is a great way to kill that urge to eating a more healthy way. If the person consume about 25 grams of dark chocolate a day, it will be reducing the risk of blood pressure and fatty plaques in blood vessels.


Share: The chia is widely used in balanced diets, generally indicated by nutritionists. Good for the skin, hair and nails, chia seed has plant with good quality protein, able to stimulate keratin, forming the strands of hair. This ingredient can be added in the daily meals, the dessert and also in fruits and natural drinks.


Linseed: Good for the kidneys, flaxseed is rich in Omega 3 and contributes to the balance of the action of the body's hormones, especially the water part of the body and also the intestinal tract


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