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Have you ever wondered how the production of artificial flavors for food and beverages you drink daily? A linkable Benzaquen, one of the best ingredients distribution companies in Brazil, helps you better understand what essences and scents, if they are totally artificial or natural, where they are extracted and how they are used in various types of food. Understand:

The flavorings are?

The flavorings are manufactured to provide flavor to foods and beverages. It is a substance or mixture of substances having aromatic properties or sapid, able to enhance the aroma and natural taste of food, as the smell.

The aromas have the main function enhance the original flavor and aroma of food and are characterized in three widely used types in the food industry. Are they:

natural: aromas extracted directly from plants and fruits that usually come in the form of oils.

artificial: Flavorings synthetically produced, that are not found in nature, but formulated in the laboratory through chemical structures.

Identical to natural: synthetically produced, but with a chemical structure equal to the natural compound.

The intensification of natural or artificial flavor in beverages and foods produce greater acceptance among consumers, leading them to consume formulated products industries, but with smell similar to natural. Currently, many food manufacturers use essences and scents in the manufacture of its products, such as:

Beverages: soft drinks, refreshments, juices and other beverages in general.

dairy: milk derivative such as yogurt, liquids, puddings, etc.

meats: sausages and processed products generally.

confectioneries: reply, candies, cakes, crackers and various goodies.

What are aromatic essences?

The essences are the esters, compound responsible for the flavor and aroma of fruits. Artificially esters are obtained in the laboratory, by chemical esterification reactions.

aromatic essences are usually those that are prepared from essential oils, coming to own up 60% essential oil in its composition. This makes the fragrance feel more like the original element, preserving their characteristics and bringing the consumer closer proximity to the natural.

In addition to food and beverage, essential oils are also important raw materials in the composition of cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines and hygiene products. It is extracted from the seeds of flowers, fruits, sheets, yawn, madeira, roots, etc.

A linkable Benzaquen, one of the distributors of flavors and fragrances for food and drinks from Brazil, It offers trusted source and quality ingredients for industries. We operate in food industry, and dairy drinks, supplements, personal care, pharmaceutical and nutritious for animals. Please contact our team to understand better about aromas and its applications.