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Wellmune® – Opportunity to strengthen immunity



Strengthening immunity has been an increasingly sought after functionality in supplements, food and drinks.


With the current global scenario with Covid-19 this is a concern for all, keep the immune system strengthened to prevent diseases such as colds, colds, coughs and respiratory problems so common in everyday life. The Wellmune® is an innovative ingredient that has been used in numerous food and beverage worldwide releases in the last few years showing excellent results.


In several clinical studies, the Wellmune® was effective in reducing symptoms of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (ITRS) that commonly affects people on a daily basis, especially physically active, athletes and people who are constantly susceptible to a low immune system or high stress. It is a natural carbohydrate (beta-glucana) and has proven results for improving the naturally occurring immune cells in the human body. This is a ingredients only for functional foods and beverages and already used in many products worldwide.


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