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Sodium croscarmellose Solutab is a highly effective superdisintegrant

The croscarmellose Sodium has excellent performance, used even in small amounts.

Adjuvants or excipients are pharmaceutical auxiliary substances in most drugs. and auxiliary, They have different properties from those relevant to drugs and can be classified according to their purpose in: preservatives, dyes, flavoring, sweeteners, thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers, antioxidants, thinners, umectantes, solvents, absorption promoters and extended release matrices. Thus, the excipients have a drug converting function in an elegant pharmaceutical form with a suitable release profile.

A Furthermore, termed CroscamelosebRoquette ® is a highly effective superdisintegrant which also acts as a dissolution aid. His superdisintegrant action is due to its high capacity of water absorption, resulting in a three-dimensional expansion which causes the granules and tablets disintegrate completely.

Suitable for soluble and insoluble tablet formulations, produced by any manufacturing process, Croscamelose termed the Solutab®, even when used in small amounts, shows excellent performance.

As Sodium croscarmellose Solutab® does not contain starch and sugar, the adjuvant is considered a more suitable for disintegration supplements nutritional, and OTC drugs, Prescription and Generic. It is also suitable for use in capsules, because of their proven performance disintegration and dissolution.


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