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Enzymes beverage: efficient and sustainable process!

Learn more about the use of enzymes to milk drinks, soft drinks and beer


Fundamental to improve productivity and the quality of drinks and food, enzymes contribute to the reduction of production costs in the Brazilian food industry.


natural proteins that act as catalysts in biochemical reactions and are obtained by fermentation processes or plant extract, Beverage enzymes are used to make beer, drink milk and also more tasty and healthy drinks.


For the food industry, enzymes promote efficient water and energy saving processes, thereby producing high-quality beverages, with independent industrial production, efficient and much healthier.


Within the food industry and beverage production enzymes can be assayed in different ways and in different processes, meeting the needs of each product and customer, improving yields, production costs, flavor, etc.


Understand the benefits of enzymes for dairy drinks, soft drinks and beer:



Beer and creamy foam clarinha: The manual process of manufacturing beers along walks with the use of enzymes for beverages, and bring many benefits to the quality of beer and play a more important role than in reducing costs, time and energy of the raw material, in addition to reducing the need for additives and chemicals during the manufacturing process.


The enzymes also provide greater beverage extraction speed, Wort recovery, creamier foam, greater colloidal stability and sensory between batches, etc. There are countless benefits to those drinks.


Less sugar for soft drinks: As we said in another post, one of the biggest challenges of the food and beverage sector is currently in the challenge of making their products more healthy and sustainable. With the rise in obesity also increases the diabetics and addicted people ratio in other sweet drinks, such as soft drinks.


After a survey by Mintel, where it says that the consumption of soft drinks is still very high and the sugar level is very high, consumers are looking for less sugary drinks or sweetened naturally. Enzymes for drinks can assist in the production of refrigerants with reduced sugar, ensuring that they are healthier.



Zero lactose: Enzymes are also important for the production of milk products and lactose zero, that would be the main carbohydrate milk. however, enzyme lactase It is able to hydrolyze the lactose molecule and release of the monosaccharides glucose and galactose, to be absorbed by the body, allowing lactose intolerant consume these drinks derived from milk. Besides that, The sweet taste of the milk is increased by the use of enzymes.

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