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Natural Relaxation of Pasta for Bakery and Biscuit

Wheat flours used in baking are between 9 e 13% protein, and among these are the gliadin and glutenin calls, forming gluten, by addition of water and mechanical agitation of the mass.


Gluten provides elastic characteristics for mass, allowing recover its original shape after being elongated, addition to the structure generated by trapping the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast.

Optimizing the process?

It is possible to optimize the process and reduce the mixing time for the formation of the gluten network in the dough through the use of reducing agents, which are compounds that cause a temporary weakening of the gluten-forming proteins, resulting in a decrease in stability and elasticity of the dough, and an increase in extensibility. (These agents can also be used in very strong flours and difficult development in baking). You need to use correctly, since high doses produce soft pasta, very extensible and difficult machinability, resulting in low volume and poor crumb and texture characteristics breads.

An example of reducing agent is glutathione, which is found in yeast cells and wheat germ, therefore its use often does not need to be declared on the label.

GLUMOD F: A BREATEC B.V., Tovani through BENZAQUEN, available to the Brazilian market GLUMOD F, comprises a standardized amount of Glutathione, particularly suitable for use in breads and crackers, in order to allow the relaxation of the gluten, reducing the mixing time, and decreasing the shrinkage in the oven breads, cookies, pizzas, Syrian breads and tortillas.


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