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Sugar explosive and surprising forms

The explosive sugar can be the difference and the innovation that was looking for your products.


The explosive is a confection sugar that can be applied in new ways to differentiate products. It is a sugar crystal with carbon dioxide inside that, when in contact with the mouth, sugar melts and the gas is released providing small overflows. This occurs due to the temperature and humidity inside the mouth.

The explosive sugar is manufactured by Hleks from high quality raw materials, carbonated, non-GMO soybeans and free.


As can be applied:


It can be applied to various products, such as: chocolates, ice creams, yogurts, candies, vitamins, supplements, baked goods and cosmetics.


The traditional sugar is colorless, odorless and uncoated, but it can be presented in color with variations, aroma, vitamins, zero sugar until coated with chocolate covered with fat, which would be suitable for applications requiring resistance to processes.


Initially explosive sugar had increased focus on children's products, but today supplements markets, ice creams and cosmetics are including this innovative ingredient in their releases.


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