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Sodium croscarmellose Solutab is a highly effective superdisintegrant

The croscarmellose Sodium has excellent performance, used even in small amounts. Pharmaceutical excipients or adjuvants are auxiliary substances present in most medicines ....

Source 100% vegetable, Lentein ® is the future promise of nutrition.

Originally from duckweed, The Lentein ® is rich in fiber and protein, It is perfect to complement food, enhancing supplements and nutritionally assist food. Nowadays...

Haplex ® More: As this ingredient acts in the body in favor of the joints

The Haplex ® Plus is a food grade hyaluronic acid Bloomage Biotech developed by and produced by fermentation according to stricter manufacturing standards. The hyaluronic acid ...

Verisol ® – The collagen that is a revolution for skin health

Understand how Verisol collagen ® can bring a surprising result in control of fine lines and skin firmness. Over time, the skin will lose some nutrients, is one of them...

As the antioxidant can make all the difference in the production of cosmetics

The antioxidant in cosmetics is extremely important for conservation and longer product life.   The cosmetic products oxidation risks are present in various ...

Know Lamesoft PO 65, primary ingredient in cosmetic formulations

It is essential to use products containing ingredients stockers lipid layer to prevent drying of the skin.   Summer is coming and with it the heat, and increasing the baths ...

Luviquat Supreme AT 1 Ingredient for innovative care with curls

Tovani Benzaquen offers innovative ingredients for the cosmetics segment as the Supreme AT Luviquat 1 important agent to care for the curls.     Nowadays more and more women ...

linkable Benzaquen: one of the best companies of aromas and essences of Brazil!

Have you ever wondered how the production of artificial flavors for food and beverages you drink daily?

You know what it is for hyaluronic acid?

Understand the benefits of hyaluronic acid for healthy skin and joints.   Ingredient long recognized, hyaluronic acid helps skin health and joints. The ingredients ...

4 healthy food ingredients to which you should pay attention!

Meet some of the food ingredients used in more balanced diets and improve their quality of life! Contact the Tovani Benzaquen!


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