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You know what it is for hyaluronic acid?

Understand the benefits of hyaluronic acid for healthy skin and joints.   Ingredient long recognized, hyaluronic acid helps skin health and joints. The ingredients ...

Tovani Benzaquen acquires distributor of specialized ingredients in Personal Care

Tovani Benzaquen acquires distributor of highly specialized ingredients for Personal Care in Brazil.   A linkable Benzaquen Ingredients, important distributor of food ingredients ...

sugar reduction for drinks and food: the new Brazilian goal

sugar reduction for drinks and food is the new goal of Brazil. Understand the purpose and adopt healthier measures

4 healthy food ingredients to which you should pay attention!

Meet some of the food ingredients used in more balanced diets and improve their quality of life! Contact the Tovani Benzaquen!

Visit our na-Wellfood 2019!

Visit our na-Wellfood 2019! It will be a pleasure to have your presence at our booth. Events Center - Pro Magno - 03 e 04 of April. In case of doubts, contact us: (11) 2974-7474

The marketing director, Emma Tovani Benzaquen receives the award BIS 2018 businesswoman of the year, check interview:

How do you define the food ingredients market? With the arrival of 2019, many changes occur in the political sphere, economic and social. Betting on the growth of the Brazilian economy ...