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Distributor of food ingredients and their responsibility to industries

Meet Tovani Benzaquen, distributor of food ingredients responsible for the quality and innovation in the manufacture of ingredients

All food we eat is derived from some types of key ingredients for people's welfare. Each in its function, they are responsible for improving the skin, calm fears, and deflate to provide lightness to the daily diet of people.

A linkable Benzaquen, distributor of food ingredients as well as for the areas of pharmaceutical industry, of drinks, supplementation, personal care and animal nutrition, It is responsible for the distribution of healthy ingredients, mined natural form or formulated in the laboratory, in order to provide more flavor, quality and natural flavor to natural or processed foods made by Brazilian food industries.

In its extensive list of functional and natural ingredients, the Tovani Benzaquen offers high-quality products and technological advantages, providing greater ease in developing new foods, regardless of category. Learn a little more about the role of food ingredients:

The main reason for the production of food ingredients is in its function, which is to enhance the taste and smell of food and provide numerous benefits to people's health. Food ingredients must be thought together, within a single food, causing it to be healthier and maintain quality and taste.

The food industries generally consume a large amount of ingredients. however, with the team of aid experts and application laboratory Tovani Benzaquen, reducing sugar, will, oils, etc, It is used optimally, getting the right amount for each food, whether natural or processed.

As we know, aromas and essences have the main function to intensify the flavor of food, causing some types of drinks and processed foods are approximate the flavors and aromas, which makes them more accepted by consumers.

All ingredients distributed by Tovani Benzaquen in their composition natural products with exact dose to provide color, taste and aroma desired. In addition to qualified professionals for each area, the Tovani Benzaquen also has several partnerships to offer the market the best option for your product, maintaining the high quality both in taste and in healthiness. Meet all kinds of Benzaquen Tovani ingredients available for distribution and invest in the food industry. Please contact our team via chat or phone and find out more.