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Linkable Benzaquen March Presença to Fípan 2019

Linkable Benzaquen participa da Fípan 2019 with innovative ingredients for the sectors of Confectionery and Bakery


The Tovani Benzaquen attended the Fipan 2019, largest fair of Bakery and Confectionery in Latin America and one of the main events for food service operators that took place between 23 e 26 July at Expo Center Norte.


Promoted by SAMPAPÃO, acronym that aggregates the Bakery and Confectionery Entities of São Paulo, currently the largest in the world Employer, Fipan has as main feature the effectiveness and business functionality in its accomplishment, becoming the leader in proprietary visitation, directors and managers.


The Fipan is open to all types of bakeries and pastry professionals, including managers, directors and owners of bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants, pizzerias, buffets, cafeterias and many other establishments linked to production and marketing of food.


The fair, which has brought together more than 65 thousand Brazilian and foreign visitors, It leads to the professionals in the baking industry and several new confectionery, trends and activities presented by suppliers who are linked to the knowledge and development of this sector as business automation, new machinery and equipment, raw material, supplies, packaging, general accessories and end products.


A linkable Benzaquen fez parte da Fípan 2019 but between 350 exhibitors and 500 brands that stood out at the fair through the exhibition of their products and content. Meet some of the prototypes containing ingredients that were highlighted in our booth:


Apple cake


Emul Pastry 16: Instant-emulsifier for cakes Efficient aerante. 100% vegetable, zero trans and contains no soy products. Suitable for use in the mixtures for different types of cake: sponge cake, English cake, Swiss cakes, muffins, among others. Allows the manufacture of cakes for all-in method (all ingredients added together). Dosage: 1 a 4% on the total weight of the recipe


flour biscuit flavored cheese with sodium reduction

Nutek: Ingredient clean label with non allergenic single crystal patented technology that alleviates the residual taste of potassium chloride common, enabling significant reductions sodium, with the same conservative properties of regular salt, therefore the best alternative to reduce sodium chloride (regular salt) in food.


Cheese powder: dehydrated melting cheese in nature is an alternative clean label for product saborização without the use of scents, and add creaminess and flavor rounding the final product. Among the advantages are the use of the standardization of taste, microbiological safety, and reducing waste storage facility.


Biscuit flavor chocolate with no added sugar


promising – Corn Fiber: The soluble fiber PROMITOR corn™ It is a prebiotic soluble fiber, derived from corn, which has the following characteristics:

– High degree of digestive tolerance;

– Low Glycemic Index;

– pleasant taste, It is easy to use and soluble in water;

– Reduces the calories, while maintaining the body and texture.


Cocoa fiber: The cocoa product is a fiber 100% natural obtained from the milling of cocoa husks, subsequently steam sterilized. The production process is only physical and involves no chemical treatment.

– Keep staining, characteristic flavor and aroma of cocoa powder;


– You can replace up 100% cocoa powder in the ratio of 1:1;


– fiber supply to the final product.