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Sucralose harms? Understand a little more about this sweetener!

Sucralose is a safe sweetener widely used to replace sugar in a healthy way. Learn more about their benefits

Who's diet generally seeks to eliminate its supply any kind of sweet. Instead of taking a coffee or a tea full of sugar, for example, many people end up preferring the sweetener made with sucralose, replacing sugar while maintaining the same sweet taste, but without your calories.

What is Sucralose?

Sucralose SPLENDA ® edulcorante (sweetener ) high intensity that has numerous advantages as: first and only sweetener derived from sugar; taste very similar to sugar; termorresistente; resistant wide pH range of variation; sweetening power 600X greater than sugar; no calories; no use restrictions; It does not cause caries; It is highly soluble; leaves no residual metallic taste and / or bitter. It is widely used in place of sugar, preparation of products diet / light. A product of Tate & Lyle Sucralose, Inc.

One of the main benefits of Sucralose is really a low calorie it is in beverages and food. Many people invest in the consumption of sucralose to better manage the will of sweets, valuing always the health and aesthetics. Meet other benefits of this ingredient and adopt it in their food:

teeth: We all know that sugar ends up doing harm to teeth. The consumption of sweets and poor cleaning of the teeth can increase the risk of tooth decay and other oral problems. If the self-respecting your teeth, choice exchange sucralose for sugar in foods and beverages made indoors.

no calories: Sucralose is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate. Therefore, it has zero calories, which helps in the diet. The person who is addicted to sweet, for example, You can replace sugar in any food and drink rich in sugar by sucralose .

Safety: Sucralose can be ingested by any person, of any age or gender, without any restrictions. Even children, seniors, pregnant or nursing women and diabetics can make use of sucralose in your daily diet. As we already know, it replaces the need for sugar healthier.

home use: Sucralose is a widely used sweetener in SPLENDA® Brand products, via tablets, packages and granular form. These products are used in the home to sweeten drinks and foods prepared in the oven or stove.

Tested and approved: Before serving as a substitute for sugar, Sucralose underwent an ample amount of safety testing. The health and regulatory authorities in the world meticulously evaluated sucralose before letting it circulate in the market to be consumed by anyone.

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