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The marketing director, Emma Tovani Benzaquen receives the award BIS 2018 businesswoman of the year, check interview:

  • How do you define the food ingredients market?

With the arrival of 2019, many changes occur in the political sphere, economic and social. Betting on the growth of the Brazilian economy brings new opportunities and new challenges for the food ingredients market, in particular, for promoting health and wellness.

Research from Mintel showed that 56% Brazilian customers find important to recognize most of the names in the ingredient list of a product. The food and beverage industries should be alert to meet the aspirations of the population and to fulfill their social role, offering proven products. So the ingredients distribution companies plays a key role in this chain producer, delivering high-tech ingredients, reliable origin and that may add nutritional enrichment, keeping the flavor of the final product.

Connected to these market trends Tovani Benzaquen signed in 2018 a joint venture com a empresa holandesa Barentz International (leading international ingredients) which is the perfect partner for us, to expand and optimize our product portfolio, and thus continue to serve our customers with an even wider range of high-end ingredients.


  • Brazil is going through an economic crisis that, directly or indirectly, It is affecting all sectors. As an entrepreneur which your vision and expectations for the future of Brazilian industry?

The outlook for the coming years are optimistic. We believe that major positive changes in the economic, will provide the growth of various sectors of industrial production. Regarding the Brazilian food market, one of the strongest sectors of our economy, the trend is certainly the growth and development.

Therefore, food manufacturers should be concerned about a new market slope where people search for convenience, practicality, reliability, quality, pleasure, sustainability and well-being. As solid participant of this new consumer landscape, we can mention the product segment that uses natural ingredients and functional, aimed at improving immunity and brain performance, stress reduction, joint protection, among other benefits. The search for healthiness stimulates consumption of fruit juice, mineral water, teas and fortified products which ends up expanding the possibilities of new formulations for new products increasingly nutritious and functional and, consequently, also expanding its market acceptance.


  • In your opinion what is the main characteristic that an entrepreneur must have to succeed?

Being an entrepreneur in Brazil is a challenge that must be faced with determination and persistence. Not enough to establish a business, We must have goals and well-defined objectives. It is essential to be alert to new scenarios presented and always stay flexible to market trends. Take an active role means assuming social responsibilities that go beyond profit and good participation in the economy. The collective benefit of those involved is one of the entrepreneur's concerns, especially one who works with power, nutrition and personal care.


  • To a Mrs.. What does it mean to receive the prize doubles as an entrepreneur of the year 2018?

It is an honor for a professional to receive any form of recognition, even more when it comes to being an award and this award from the market in which it operates. The award Bis (Best Ingredients Supplier) It is a recognition and a stimulus for professional excellence in the food industry.

It is worth mentioning that this achievement can not be achieved alone, therefore, our thanks to all those who directly or indirectly helped us to win such honors: our clients, suppliers and professional team Tovani Benzaquen. A special thanks to Publisher Inputs which annually organizes the research that culminates in the awards.