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Good guys or bad guys? Learn more about food flavorings

You know what good food flavoring in drinks and food? Understand a little more about them and what are its main benefits!


When we note purchase a product on the label if that food or beverage flavorings comprises. In most cases we see the phrase "grape flavored", "Strawberry flavor", "Caramel flavor", etc, and that does not mean that the food or drink that we are eating is actually made from grape, strawberry or caramel, but it has the flavor of these fruits in your composition.


First of all, food flavorings are captured by smell. The smell already denounced the taste of food or drink, as in cookies, cakes, yogurts, chocolates, soups, cafés, etc. To enhance the original flavor in these industrial products, industries often use a reasonable amount of food flavorings in its composition, which is not bad for health, as many people claim. Understand!


natural flavors: Natural flavors are obtained from raw materials of plant and animal with the natural odor or after a fermentation treatment, cooking, roasting, etc. After extracted these aromas can be used in essential oils, as well balsams and isolated natural flavoring, providing more flavor to foods and beverages without causing damage to people's health.


synthetic flavors: The synthetic flavorings are obtained in a chemical solution that do get as identical as possible to natural or artificial flavors. In the case of artificial aroma, A mixture is made by synthesis of chemical compounds that are not found in animals or vegetables.


other substances: Some substances are also used for the extraction of aromas as the case of beeswax, lactose, glucose, alcohol, etc. We can also find aromas in preservatives, acidulantes, defoamers, antioxidants, etc. All these additives and many others can produce aroma.


Safety: Even if they are synthetic and artificial, we can say that all the flavors are safe if they are formulated with substances approved by international bodies such as JECFA or by the expert of the World Health Organization committee additives, which assess whether the aroma is toxic and study the correct dosage for use in foods and beverages without causing harmful effects to human health.


Dosage: The aromas are added in small quantities, only to intensify the more "natural" flavor in foods and beverages. however, It is extremely important for industries to study each of these aromas compositions and verify the purity of these substances.


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