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You know what it is for hyaluronic acid?

Understand the benefits of hyaluronic acid for healthy skin and joints.


Ingredient long recognized, hyaluronic acid helps skin health and joints. This functional ingredient, widely used in the cosmetic area, It is already a reality in food, drinks and supplements worldwide.


But the big news is that in the year 2019, O Haplex More (hyaluronic acid - Food Grade, obtained by fermentation and not of animal origin) It was approved for use in foods in Brazil by ANVISA. This asset helps in lubricating the eyes and joints, besides acting in support, elasticity and skin hydration.


You can already find the hyaluronic acid in the Brazilian market through dietary supplements containing this ingredient, that is totally safe for health.


O Haplex More It is just one example of the growing market of food ingredient and functional beverages available worldwide.


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